December 30, 2006

Two book reviews

I wrote two more book reviews on Amazon. The first is for an audiobook, John Muir, Spirit of the Wilderness. It is by John Muir and actor Lee Stetson, who portrays Muir at Yosemite events. I remember reading one of Muir's books in high school, and my mother reading it also. We agreed that it was exciting but Muir was a bit crazy. Climbing a tree during a thunderstorm is not a sane thing to do.

I also reviewed a slim book called Your Liver Your Lifeline. I only gave it 3 stars (out of 5) because part of it is a sales pitch for herbal remedies. However, some of it is interesting, and I appreciate the author's cautions that herbal medicine is meant to be taken on a temporary basis. Eventually it ceases to work or can even cause symptoms.

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