December 7, 2006

My other grandmother

I believe my dad took this one, circa 1951. Grandmother Suiter was visiting.
children and grandmother

Carol, Rick, Linda, with Grandmother holding Peggy.

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  1. What is it with THAT hairdo?

    I have a photograph, from 1934, of my Mom, Mary Alice Wells, as a 5 year old, looking eerily like that girl on the left. ;-D

    In 1970, Mom took a picture, that I also have, of my 5 year old sister, and if I didn't tell you which was which you would not be able to tell. ;-D

    Oh, um, Hi!

    I WAS gonna just e-mail, but seeing this made me laugh!

    The reason for the contact is that I seem to have a Suiter in my mothers paternal side of the tree, and the woman is part of a major mystery regarding parentage.

    Digging around rootsweb I learned of the Suiter Family Association, and Texas and IN Suiters, but nothing recent.

    I am trying to contact knowledgeable people who can assist me in my research.

    My gal is 1 Effa M. Suiter, who married my Great-Grand Pappy, John T. Wells of Indiana, in about 1881.

    They had 2 children for sure, Charles in 1882, and Muriel in 1888.
    I believe they either got hitched in TX, or lived there for a time before going to Indiana by 1895.

    The mystery comes from the fact I know nothing more about Effa, or her fate, and...

    John, a Widower, & the kids, are in Cannelton, Indiana in the 1900 census, living with a woman boarder, Mary Skelton, who later becomes his wife, and her daughter from a previous marriage.

    Oh, and My Grandfather William Jennings Wells, born in 1898?

    Nowhere to be found! ;-D

    Which of these 2 women is his mother?

    What happened to Effa?

    Where's little Grand Dad?

    Grand Dads Death Certificate, in 1937, claims Mary is his Mom, but I do not know this for sure, even if she WAS the one to fill out the paperwork. ;-D

    Hellllp! ;-D

    Contact me: sneakeasy at gmail dot com


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