November 15, 2006

We bid goodbye to the chalet

couple in living roomToday we put the finishing touches on the chalet on Joyce Court. Settlement is officially tomorrow, although we signed much of the paperwork today and sent it out via overnight mail.

We sold the house furnished. After all, the house we bought was furnished and we had a garage-full of furniture stored in Montross.

We even left Frank's geese because the buyer said she really liked them.


We are glad that we found a buyer for the little house, but standing in the kitchen of it today, I felt a twinge of sorrow. We really loved that place, even though it was a little too small for two people with a lot of possessions. The great room was cozy, everything only a few steps apart. It was friendly. And never too cold or drafty.

We owned the house for five years and only lived there full-time for two years, but it was a special place. I'm glad we only moved a mile away, for we still get to see the lovely little valley of Bryce Resort and the beautiful countryside surrounding it. And the mountain view for our current home is uplifting. I can't complain. We've been very fortunate.

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