November 5, 2006

Places near Basye to take children

At a library-sponsored lecture last week, Nancy Meyer listed places to take one's grandchildren near Bryce Resort, Basye, VA. Here are some that are an hour or less away from here.

A. Lake Laura: Walk around the lake
B. Take them to the top of the ski slope at Bryce so they can run down
C. Orkney Springs: Trails at Shrine Mont, Open Air Cathedral
D. Deauville Deer Farm near Basye
E. Winchester Discovery Museum
F. Mt. Jackson playground between highway 11 and I-81
G. Meem’s Bottom Covered Bridge and Edinburg Mill
H. The local caverns
I. Woodstock Tower
J. Lion's Tail Trail and Storybook Trail in the Massanutten mountains.
K. Luray Zoo
L. Perry Wildlife Zoo, Wardensville, WV
M. Harrisonburg Children’s Museum
N. Massanutten Water Park. It’s expensive so plan to spend all day.

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