October 28, 2006

Emma L. Carpenter's tiny books

mini biblesAmong the items that I found while unpacking from our move are two tiny books. One is a copy of the New Testament from 1868, and the other is The Book of Common Prayer from 1869. That one has a personalized cover, saying "Emma L. Carpenter 1872" in gold letters. Both books look their age, with well-worn covers.

Emma Carpenter was my great-grandmother's name when she was married to Captain Russell Carpenter. After his death she moved to Chicago where she wrote for a newspaper and eventually married my great-grandfather, Judge D. H. Hammer. Her maiden name was Bower.

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  1. In the US 1860 Census, the Bower family is listed as "Bowers." Saw this on Footnote.com:
    "Ohio » Athens » Rome Township » Page 209

    Bowers, Delitha (b: 1823*)
    Household: Bowers, Moses (b: 1821*)
    Bowers, Sarah F (b: 1841*)
    Bowers, Mary E (b: 1848*)
    Bowers, Amanda M (b: 1852*)"
    Mary E would be Emma. Birth name was Mary Amaryllis Bower.


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