September 2, 2006

Dr. James P. Suiter Photographs

From time to time I post some genealogy information. Today I scanned some old photos of my great-grandfather James P. Suiter. I mentioned Dr. Suiter in June and also a few days ago (August 06). On the back of the little portrait is written James P. Suiter, Hadley, Mich and his birth date Jan. 14 1840 followed by Father of C. L. Suiter, Grandfather of Clarice and John.

If you click on the picture to see a larger version, you may notice that he looks stern and troubled. Bear in mind that he fought in the Civil War and marched to the sea under Sherman.

On the back of the photo of two men is written "Dr. James P. Suiter and Mr. Sanborn, G.A.R. - Civil War Veterans- Memorial Day 1920(?) Green Corners Cemetery, Hadley, Mich. (G.A.R. stands for Grand Army of the Republic.)

In the photo below we see Suiter and Sanborn again. I recognized them by their hats, only to see that Clarice had written little numbers under the people that she listed in the caption.

Civil War veterans

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