September 20, 2006

Doggy Surgery

My dog Guppy has had a "skin tag" on his right thigh for years. It did not bother him until this week. You can see it in the picture just above the leash.

Two days ago it swelled up and started to bleed a little. So yesterday we took him to the vet. He recommends removing it and having it biopsied to see if it is malignant. Since it is bleeding, I don't see much choice. So Guppy is scheduled for surgery next Tuesday.

There's a slight risk because Guppy has a heart murmur and is 14 years old, which is considered elderly for a dog. Still, he's pretty strong and energetic. Dr. Costen prescribed an antiobiotic for us to give him 3 days ahead of surgery. And I've ordered a pet supplement from VRP for nutritional support.

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