August 31, 2006

Househunting in Basye

deer in woodsWe saw these deer on Tuesday here in Bryce. It is common to see deer here but uncommon to get a series of pictures, because they are shy. ("No pictures please," say the little celebri-deer.)

We were on Hampton Drive, I believe, in the Confederate Generals section. I call it that because of the street names: Stonewall, Beauregard, Lee, etc. We were there to look at a house for sale on Stuart Drive. It was nice enough but there was one in another section that we liked better so we made an offer on it. I'll take some photos of it next week, probably at the time of the home inspection.

We like Bryce Resort a lot but our little chalet is just a bit cramped for all our stuff. So we are buying a slightly larger house that also has a bigger yard. I think the location is better, close to Supinlick Ridge Road, but still in the resort where we can enjoy the restaurants and beautiful scenery.
whitetail deer

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