July 8, 2006

My great-grandparents' mansion

I came across a Chicago Sun-Times article from 2001 on a mansion built for my great-grandfather in Chicago. It sounds like the same house that I have a picture of" "Turrets, gables and fireplace chimneys each take their turn stabbing the sky" says the article. But my picture says it is on Grand Boulevard... ah, I see on the web that Grand was renamed King Drive after Martin Luther King, Jr.

Oh, the Web is a wonderful tool! Now that I have the modern address, I found a modern photo (in less than a minute.) See www.chicagoarchitecture.org/Chicago%20Streets/King%20Drive/West%20King%20Drive/3600%20Block%20West/3600blockwest.htm and note the 1893 drawing below. Click on either image for a larger version.

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