July 5, 2006

More Photos from Hawk's Nest

dawn viewI'm still working on my pictures from our West Virginia Trip. Previously I posted some pictures from Hawk's Nest State Park. It's a beautiful place so I wanted to share a few more. Our class stayed at the state park's inn, which is not as modern as most hotels but has a great view.

The picture on the upper left was taken early in the morning. I'm not usually up before dawn but class was meeting at 6:45 AM to start the tour. Our pre-breakfast stop was the golf course because it was the site of a battle, and Dr. Poland had promised that we would be off the course before golfers started arriving.

flower basket
The flowers and structure on the golf course remind me that a manor house once stood there. It was used as Union headquarters and was destroyed during the battle.

Below is a view from the road going up to the hotel and restaurant. You can see why the area was used as a lookout point during the Civil War. At the bottom of the gorge is the New River.

mountain gorge

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