July 24, 2006

Deer There and Everywhere

We live on a little cul-de-sac on top of a wooded ridge in Bryce Resort. Across from our little road is a forest of several hundred acres which slopes down to a lake.

On our court there are three other homes. None of them are occupied much of the time. One is a weekend rental, one is a chalet like ours which belongs to Mrs. Bakke, and the other is Don's house, which is up for sale.

Mrs. Bakke spent a few days up here last week and of course she saw some of the deer which have become so prevalent in our neighborhood. She said that they sometimes "nested" under Don's deck! So I've been looking at his deck when I walk the dogs past there but I haven't seen any deer under it, although I have seen them in his yard many times.

Yesterday I took this picture of his back yard and deck, but no deer were present. Funny thing though... when I walked little Ben back up our driveway, I saw something brown under Mrs. Bakke's deck! Had she left something there... or could it be a deer? It looked like the back of a small cow lying down.

I took a few steps closer to get a closer look and there was a rustling and crashing of leaves as the deer jumped up and ran off into the woods.

Altered Image of another Deer

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