July 15, 2006

Buffalo Springs Herb Farm

A friend kindly invited me to accompany the garden club to the Buffalo Springs Herb Farm in Raphine, VA. It's a lovely place with flowers and a variety of intimate gardens and pleasing structures.
You can find ideas for planning your garden here even if you don't grow herbs. Update: They are no longer open. See comments.

log building

bird bath

The picture below shows Wade's Mill as seen from the herb farm.


Also in the Raphine area is the Cyrus McCormick Mill and Farm, a parklike historic site that's worth a visit. It's close to I-81 and has ponds and a nature trail.


  1. wow !! what lovely photos. Thanks for visiting my blog you said my photos were nice, but they are nothing compared to the quality of your photos. I would never have thought the black background would go down so well. Some people has just got that insight. I enjoyed my visit. thank you.

  2. Please note that Buffalo Springs Herb Farm is no longer open to the public. We closed December 2007. Thanks.


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