May 11, 2006

The Scenic Route from New Jersey to Delaware

When we visited Marie in April she suggested that we take the Cape May Ferry on the trip home. This takes longer than the turnpike but is much more pleasant.

U.S. Route 9 actually crosses on the ferry. You make your reservation ahead of time and at the appointed time you drive onto the ferry. Since the trip from Cape May to Lewes takes over an hour, you leave your car and visit the restaurant or just enjoy the view of the Delaware Bay.

We were fortunate because the rainy weather had cleared up and we were able to enjoy the crossing. The water was a bit choppy and a staff member said that it had been really rough on the previous day. But the ferries do not cancel just because the weather is bad.

At one point the captain announced that there were dolphins ahead, and sure enough, we could see them leaping.

Of course, we saw plenty of sea birds too. There is a sign on the ferry asking you to not feed the gulls. I imagine they could become a nuisance.

The official site for the ferry is The ferry connects the historic towns of Lewes and Cape May so it is popular with tourists as well as travelers.

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