March 19, 2006

Tiresome spam

I changed the Spiritual Singles page for submitting an event of another organization to make it clear to spammers that we would not post their ads. That is, "Your announcement will not appear automatically. If approved, it will be pasted into our next announcement of events. Spam will be deleted and will not appear online."

I maintain the website for Spiritual Singles including the forms (which are hosted by Formsite. We were getting a lot of forms submitting by gambling sites which someone thought would give them a free ad. We never posted those ads, but it was tiresome to have to delete them. I had a similar problem with guestbooks on some other sites, except that the guestbooks posted the ads automatically and I had to go into the HTML code to get rid of them. Finally I closed down the guestbooks - it was too much trouble dealing with all that spam.

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