January 24, 2006

Morton Genealogy

clarice suiter This is a portrait of my Aunt Clarice when she graduated from Flint Central School in 1928. She was Clarice Althea Suiter then, my dad's older sister. At the time I first remember her she was married to Hiram Rose of Rose City, Michigan. They are both gone now.

Clarice once did some genealogy on her mother's family. Here is a summary:

Charles Morton, Senior and his Descendants

Charles was born near Aberdeen, Scotland, March 1, 1818. He died November 15, 1912 in Lapeer County, Michigan. He married Isabelle McHardy on March 13 1847 probably in the state of New York. She died in 1859 in Almont, Michigan. There were six children by this union:
John Arthur Morton b. Aug. 28, 1848, Genesee County, NY
Findley Morton b. June 10, 1850, Genesee County, NY
Morris Morton, b. April 13, 1852, Genesee County, NY
May Minnie Morton, b. December 21, 1853, Genesee County, NY
Donald Morton, b. April 6, 1855, Livingston County, NY
Annabelle Morton, b. Nov. 9, 1856, Livingston County, NY

Charles married a second time to Mrs. Isabelle McKinnon in 1863, a widow with a son named Frank McKinnon. When Charles first came to the United State he found work as a miller. After moving to Lapeer County, Michigan in 1857, he became part owner of a mill. He also enjoyed cabinet making and made several pieces of furniture for his children and grandchildren. According to his obituary he was a Republican and was supportive of the abolitionist cause. He was in his 95th year when he died, preceded in death by his second wife who died in 1893.

His son John Arthur Morton is our ancestor. He married Grata Leora Hemingway in 1878. She was daughter of James and Lucina Flint Hemingway. They had five children: Arthur J., Leora M., Charles J., Lulu M., and Harold J.

[The document lists the children of all these plus their children and grandchildren as of 1983.)

Leora M. Morton was born 4-14-1880, died March 30, 1969. Married Charles Leslie Suiter on 4-15-1908, son of Dr. J.P. and Susan Davenport Suiter. He died on 3-17-1937. There were two children, Clarice and John.

Clarice Althea Suiter was born 1-5-1910, married Claude J. Milam in 1935 and divorced in 1940, no children. She married Hiram Rose in 1951, 5 stepchildren.

John Morton Suiter was born 7-7-1916, married Eleanor Goodrich Hammer on 9-17-1940.


  1. My name is McKinnon Morton and I live in Texas. My grandfather was Charles Morehead Morton and he had two brothers John (Jack) and Ward. They grew up in San Marcos Texas - any relation?

  2. McKinnon-Morton poster,
    chitingPlease contact me. I am a distant cousin, your gg-father and gg-mother, Dr. John R. Morton of Tazewell, Va. and Frances McKinnon of Center Point, Ark. are my gg-father James C. Mortons brother and sister in law. I have a great deal of genealogy info on the Mortons in Mo. and Va.. I need your help putting more pieces into place.

    Jay S. Spencer
    Cardiff by the Sea,Ca.


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