January 26, 2006

Hammer Family History

Having posted some genealogy from my father's family, I dug out some family history from my mother's father and will share it for other researcher's who may find this through a search engine. The picture is of four Hammer descendants circa 2002.

David Harry Hammer November 22 1892.
at Hollybank, Alderley Edge, near Manchester, England

David Harry Hammer 1840

near Mt Morris & Polo, Ill.

Mary Amaryllis Bower 1848

Athens County, near Marietta Ohio


John Hammer

near Mt Morris


Geo.?? Hammer

Family was Penna Dutch



Eliza Witmer

near Hagerstown, MD


John Witmer

was in war of 1812.

Henry Witmer.

John Witmer

Benj Witmer came from England in 1716 and settled in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania


Moses Bower

Marietta, O.


___ Rew

Father George Rew

unknown from where


Fanny Wickham

Her father was Joseph Wickham

reported to have deserted from British forces in Revolution. Settled in Rome NY around 1805 after living in Vermont. Died May 3 1833 in Rome township

"According to my mother, her mother's name may have been Delitha. At least such a name appears somewhere in there.

Joseph Wickham is supposed to have deserted to the US forces, and Mary Amaryllis investigated her qualifications for the DAR, and wrote "Should I be proud of an ancestor who deserted his army?"

According to her, she was named Mary Amaryllis Bower by a German midwife. No one had ever heard of the German flower Amaryllis , and she was called Rillis or Emma. Not liking the former, she became Emma. In later years, she claimed she discovered what her name really was, and adopted it. She had five children, Maud Russella Lorraine Carpenter, (later Emarel), Fay, and Russell Carpenter. The two latter died in infancy. (I should have stated she married Russell Carpenter right after the Civil War, and was a widow with one small child (Maude) when about 17.) Carpenter was killed building a bridge in Chicago, I was told. He was an officer in the Civil War, and Amaryllis was a Dame of the Loyal Legion due to that.

The other two children were Hazel Harry Hammer, and David Harry. Hazel married Carl Paddock of Denver, and later [blank space] Humphrey. Had three children, Ward Edgerton and Marion Paddock, and Hazel Lou. Ward killed in runaway in mountains, other child killed in high chair upset. Emarel married Ernest Sharpe, and after he died, Curt Freshel. No children.

David Harry married Eleanor Harper Goodrich of Philadelphia.
Her father was Henry G. Goodrich. Philadelphia.
Mother Alida Belle Harper from near Marietta, Ohio"

Note: The above is copied from a typed page (carbon copy) that I received from my grandfather. The statement that Ernest Sharpe died seems to be sanitized history. According to Hazel Lou's account, Ernest and Emarel were divorced. This was considered shameful in the early part of the 20th century and supposedly Emarel's mother was so upset that she stopped communicating with her.


  1. Joseph Wickham did desert the British Navy to fight on the American Revolutionary side. He and his buddy Francis Munn, who jumped ship with him, both moved to Rome Township, Ohio near the present day town of Stewart Ohio, about 10 miles east of Athens. Francis married Joseph's daughter Sarah (Sally). Joseph married about three times, from what my husband (Thomas W. Walker, a descendant of Francis and Sarah) have been able to find out in talking to Wickham descendants. Joseph's grave was originally in the old Pioneer Cemetery near Kilvert Ohio but was moved because a railroad was built through the cemetery. Both Joseph and Francis came to this area in the early 1800's because there was work to be had building Ohio University, the first university of the Northwest territories. Joseph's oldest son John became quite prosperous.
    A lot of this information can be found in records in the Athens Historical Society as they keep information on "First Families" of Athens County, Ohio.

  2. Mary Amaryllis's mother was Delitha Bower. It was left out of the family tree that I copied for this posting but I found it elsewhere.

    One source spells her name as Delitha Rea Bauer instead of Delitha Rew Bower, but most sources use the latter spelling.

  3. I have copies of Mary Amaryllis diaries she started when she was 14 thru 1887 in Chicago. I found the Hammer estate in Chicago. Much more...Bill T 303-895-6506

  4. look up Humphrey Museum in evergreen colo

  5. Thanks, Bill. I am familiar with the museum, www.hmpm.org.


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