December 31, 2005

Holidays wind down

lighted christmas treeThe holidays are almost over. It was great seeing family members who we don't see often enough.

The photo on the left shows the sun coming though our octagon window and illuminating one side of the Christmas tree. It was an unusual effect.

Now we enter a gray stretch of winter that makes me long for sunshine. Hopefully we'll get some sunny days. I like to get outside when the sky is bright.

Luckily we live near ski slopes. I don't have the nerve to ski myself - tried it a couple of times and was terrified by the speed. But I like watching the skiers and hearing their laughter.

While Marie was here, we had dinner at Coleman's where you can watch the lighted slopes where the skiers and snowboarders glide by. And sometimes a school bus brings local high schoolers for an evening of fun on the snow - I enjoy watching them. And during the day the tubing hill is crowded with small children having a great time. Tubing appears to be safer than sledding but it's fast and fun.

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