November 27, 2005

Civil War sites along Route 50

aldie mill
Sometimes I get emails from visitors to my Civil War Trips website. Today I heard from a fellow who wants directions to Aldie, Middleburg, and Upperville. Here's what I told him:

"Fortunately, there is an information service that can send you useful information and maps. Just fill out the form at and they will help you. You will also see a link to maps at the top of that page; you can download them in PDF format, and there is even a link to a map of the Route 50 area in interactive web format. It was developed for Mosby-related sites, but the Jeb Stuart-related campaign sites of Aldie, Middleburg and Upperville happen to be interpreted at the same places. You can zoom in on this map using arrows on the left side of the page - very handy! And you can even see a satellite photo although not at the highest zoom levels. (I will add a link to this map on my site.)

You can also order a map from the Mosby Heritage Area Association.

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