September 26, 2005

Film Processing and Scanning

I received my prints and CDs today from A&I Photo and I am pleased. The colors are nice in the prints and the scans have good resolution.
man wading

In the past I have used Photoworks and Kodak Gallery. Photoworks offers nice features but their prints lack snap. Kodak Gallery has gotten very slow and the colors aren't as good as when they were Ofoto. (I'm not even linking to Kodak Gallery because their customer service is so bad, I can't recommend them.)

This is my first print film order with A&I and I am happy that the results were so good. I used them before for slide processing when I was taking a photography class at Lord Fairfax Community College.

The pictures you see here were taken at Assateague Island, a barrier island on Virginia's Eastern Shore. It is near Chincoteague and it's a beautiful place to visit.

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