July 5, 2005

Guestbook Spammers

Let me rant for just a minute about guestbook spammers! They are spoiling guestbooks for everybody, filling them with ads for software, casinos, and other junk unrelated to the site that created the guestbook. I've been reading about ways to defeat them but the only effective ways take time and money. For now I am removing the submission forms from my guestbooks and asking readers to email their comments instead. I put the email link in javascript to discourage robots from harvesting my email address.

Since my email address is at aol.com, I expect AOL will filter out most of the spam anyway. AOL is agressively blocking spam - sometimes too agressively, since legitimate email often does not go through, but that's another rant.

Here are the guestbooks that I have: http://members.aol.com/linja/messageboard/post.htm, a Chemical Sensitivity Comments Board, and http://members.aol.com/ljavins/genealogy.html, Javins Genealogy.

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