June 27, 2005

Exploring John Singleton Mosby sites

I got an email from a dad who saw my Mosby's Rangers tour pages and wanted some recommendations on Mosby sites to show his young sons while visiting Northern Virginia. Here's my advice:

The railroad station at Herndon, site of a Mosby raid. Drive slowly through Herndon and watch for the Civil War Trails sign.

Aldie Mill ( http://www.aldiemill.org/ ) is a nice place to visit; you might want to arrive there early to find a good parking space since they are having an art show. The Mosby story that takes place there is a good one.

If you are going to Aldie, you may as well stop at the Mt. Zion Church on the way. It's on Route 50 and according to mosbyheritagearea.org they are offering interpretation on Saturdays. You can contact that organization through their site for audio tour info. A site with directions to the church and other info is www.loudoun.gov/prcs/otherfac/mount.htm.

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