June 17, 2005

Brief trip to Pennsylvania and New Jersey

We just got back from a short visit to the Brandywine Valley and New Jersey. We spent time in West Chester and Chadd's Ford, where we toured the Brandywine Museum. Frank was particularly interested in seeing Andrew Wyeth's paintings. We also went up to Jersey City to see Marie Javins who is getting ready to travel to Africa to work on a book. Her book Tent Camping in New Jersey was published recently.

On the way back today we made a stop in Shartlesville, PA to visit Roadside America. I've been there several times but Frank hadn't seen it so I wanted him to have the experience. If you have never been there, picture a model train layout with handcrafted houses, farms, churches, mills... and on and on like someone just kept adding and adding for years that turned into decades, which is just about what happened. Children love it but everyone who was touring it this morning was an adult. And no doubt most of them were feeling like children in a toy store, making the trolley go, making the bell ring, and just having a nice time.

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