July 29, 2016

Friday Five for End of July

1. Trout Pond Recreation Area is in West Virginia, just across Great North Mountain from us. Doesn't the pond look smooth

2. Summer woods: The Doris Agnew Lake Trail at Trout Pond.

I like walking and my doctor advised me to walk at least half an hour a day. I was doing it fairly regularly until two weeks ago when foot pain made it impossible. There is a swollen area right over the arch on my right foot and the podiatrist diagnosed a bursa over arthritis. He gave me a (painful) cortisone shot and the swelling went down enough that I can feel a hard bump like a bone spur. I can only be on my feet for a few minutes before it starts hurting. I have to put up my foot and soothe it with a cold pack. It's frustrating because I want to enjoy nature by getting out in the beautiful parks and forests around here. Also I have errands to do that are now too painful.

3. I saw this sculpture on a garden tour in the spring. I like the way it echoes the form of the tree. 

4. Here's another scene from the garden tour. It reminds me of the poem "Patterns" so I added a verse using Photoshop. I remembered this verse from reading it for a class many years ago.

5. Frank still owns a house in Dale City. The tenant who has been there for eight years is buying a home so now he needs to find a new renter, but first he'll have to get the inside painted and fixed up.

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